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Provide Communities a better way to get the most reliable, affordable and fastest internet serving them well into the future.


We empower community leaders with the information and choice they need to make the best decisions to achieve their broadband goals.

Our Story

Decades of experience gave the Hometown Fiber technical team direct experience with the technical and economic reasons so many communities don’t have the broadband they need.

Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Our team has years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Founder Kyle Moorhead and his crews at Morecom have worked with civil engineers, utility contractors, architects, judges, city administrators and other community leaders to solve problems by integrating technology into operations. Decades of leadership and in-the-field experience paved the way for Hometown Fiber’s answer that gets communities the reliable, affordable and fast internet service they need.


We are here to ensure you get the best internet possible today and well into the future.

Put our expertise to work for you

Meet The Team


Kyle Moorhead

Founder and President

Kyle's consulting experience blends technical expertise with a community-driven focus. For 30 years Kyle and his first company, MoreCom, worked closely with public and private organizations to solve technology challenges—including the design, construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks. Kyle also worked with broadcasters and ISPs to build, troubleshoot, repair and maintain fiber optic, twisted pair, coaxial and wireless networks. This first-hand experience gave Kyle and his team direct insight into the technical and financial reasons so many communities lack the broadband they need to thrive.


Eileen Smith

Vice President and Media Contact

Eileen is passionate about making complex topics easy to understand. She’s done it throughout her career in rural journalism, health care, public schools and health insurance. By working with Hometown Fiber, Eileen has the chance to help leaders understand the complex world of broadband.


Mitch Gordon

Executive Officer

Mitch brings his decades of work in construction and project planning to lead all Hometown Fiber work. In addition to operating the day- to-day, Mitch leads our exclusive field studies, including training, GIS mapping, the efficient collection of field data and observations, the technical review and analysis of the findings.

Marlena 2_edited_edited.jpg

Marlena Pfeiffer

Corporate Liaison Officer

Marlena is passionate about helping people get what they need to make informed decisions. She’s been a consultant for 10 years in a variety of settings, including agriculture, online business development and sales. Marlena is active in her community’s boys and girls club and helps other local nonprofits raise funds.

AL Headshot.JPG

Aaron Lesmeister

Aaron brings nearly a decade of telecommunications engineering experience to the Hometown Fiber team. He supported Lumen/CenturyLink’s third largest metropolitan market as part of the Local Network Implementation Department. In addition he’s served multiple telecommunications companies while working for two contract engineering firms. Aaron combines his holistic understanding of telecommunications and outside plant design with a construction background. He brings a detail-focused, responsible approach to every aspect of his work.


Clint Johnson

Fiber Optic Expert

Clint works with our field study teams, taking on complex field study evaluations. His expertise encompasses all broadband technologies in the past 30 years and can easily identify how systems connect. He spent 36 years making sure Ma Bell, U.S. West, Qwest and CenturyLink customers had telephone and internet service.


Dave Swanson

Fiber Optic Expert

Fiber Dave, as we call him, designed and built the first fiber optic links in downtown Minneapolis in the 1980s and that fiber remains in service today. His 40 years of experience includes developing the fiber optic division for CenturyLink. Fiber Dave is a natural mentor who has trained other team member how to splice, troubleshoot and test fiber optic systems. We are honored to have him on the Hometown Fiber team.


Marshall Stueven

Field Technician

Marshall is an expert in field data collection, GIS mapping, network design and fiber network construction. He worked with MoreCom for 15 years serving the technology needs of municipalities and businesses.


Tom Wilson

Field Technician

Tom began his career with MoreCom nearly 15 years ago. His expertise includes field data collection, GIS mapping, fiber network construction, emergency fiber restores, network trouble shooting, GPS locates and data centers.

Current and Recent Projects

City of Willmar, Minnesota

Municipal Owned Fiber Optic Network

Hometown Fiber’s work with Willmar started with our response to an RFP. Following conversations with respondents, the city conducted extensive interviews with communities and broadband infrastructure companies throughout the country. While what’s called open access fiber networks are successful in other parts of the country (Utah, Ohio, California) the concept is new in Minnesota. 

Willmar realized the value of Hometown Fiber’s proposal to bring an individual, directly connected fiber optic network to the community. The proprietary network design, construction and neutral operations mean people get choice as internet service providers compete for customers. Since nearly the entire community, population 21,015, has cable modem service and does not qualify for grants. Bonds will fund the project. 

Taylor County, Wisconsin

Broadband Verification, Conceptual Design and Broadband Consulting

The county made several attempts to tackle their broadband on their own with both success and some falling short. Hometown Fiber reviewed the existing and planned efforts, analyzed available data and evaluate the viability of path forward. We examine and understand information, studies, reports, maps and data already assembled, listen to concerns and priorities, and learn what is important. These steps make sure we don’t waste any resources duplicating work, and that our recommendations solve challenges for decades to come.

Using the data and analytics assembled during Broadband Analysis, Data Consolidation and verification process,

Hometown Fiber was able to provide the next step for the county. A conceptual design for the most efficient route for a fiber optic network that reaches all homes, businesses and any publicly owned facilities without fiber optics today was also provided. The conceptual design, technical model is often necessary for grant applications and other funding applications. This project covered 984 square miles with 19,913 residents.
Contact: Grant Bub, Broadband Coordinator,, 715-785-8359


St Croix County, Wisconsin

Broadband Map Verification

With the recent surge of federal funding available and providers rapidly installing broadband the county wanted to get an up-to-date understanding on the broadband progress within their county. Hometown Fiber conducted field verifications along with analyzed the data collected comparing it to the publicly available data and provided the county with current and verified state of the broadband efforts being made within the county.

This project covered 736 square miles with 95,536 residents.

Contact: Ken Witt, County Administrator,, 715-381-4302

Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

Broadband Map Verification

The county wanted to ensure it has the facts it needs to make wise investments in the future. Hometown Fiber identified unreported fiber throughout the county, conducted map verification work and scored service available at properties against market demand. The county received both printed and online reports and interactive maps, and GIS layers of broadband technology throughout the entire county. This project covered 1271 square miles with 118,034 residents.

Contact: Chris Lewinski, Sheboygan County Director of Information Technology,, 920-459-0335. 


Chisago County, Minnesota

Broadband Map Verification and Conceptual Design

Chisago county has a mix of served, underserved and unserved area throughout the county and Hometown Fiber identified and verified those areas for the county. The data from the 15,000 data points collected held value in determining which areas the county needed to focus on. A conceptual design and cost estimate was also created for each of the 20 municipal boundaries within the county.

This project covered 442 square miles with 56,621 residents.

Contact:  Chase Burnham, County Administrator,, 651-213-8830


Pine County, Minnesota

Consulting and Construction Administration Services

Priorities and goals, field study, mapping existing infrastructure, property ratings, technology assessment, partnerships and funding options, development of a county grant program and recommendations. Project was 1,435 square miles, 29,200 residents. Hometown Fiber continues to serve as Pine County’s broadband consultant. The county contracted with Hometown Fiber’s construction administration services to ensure a project with direct federal funding is built to specifications and public funds are spent as approved. Next, Hometown Fiber will be working with the county to determine how to get service to the remaining under-and un-served residents and businesses. 

Contact: Lezlie Sauter, county economic development coordinator,, 320-591-0019.



Previous Municipal Networks

Litchfield, Minnesota

Private Municipal Fiber Optic Network & Data Center

Hometown Fiber’s founder Kyle Moorhead and Bolton & Menk have been working together since 2004 to serve the City of Litchfield, Minnesota. In 2010 the city faced unreliable communication between City buildings and utilities. The communication breakdown had an impact on community-wide critical infrastructure including water, wastewater, electricity, water tower, water pumps, water meters, public safety, and basic city services such as phones, networked computer operations and more. 

This project’s successful network design, construction and operation proved the technical model works. What was once not economically feasible for residential construction is now a solution that ensures reliable, affordable fast broadband for decades to come, ending the need for ongoing government subsidies. 


  • Met with City leadership to document the goals and priorities. Digging deep into the challenges facing the City, the project team ensured solutions fixed not only immediate issues but accounted for future needs as well.

  • Developed a five-year technology plan with actionable, phased priorities.

  • Designed a private fiber optic network connecting utilities and city facilities.

  • Managed all aspects of the projects from start to finish.

  • Coordinated and worked with all city departments, local internet service providers, local contractors and subcontractors.


  • Reliable network.

  • Enhanced security by removing critical city services from the internet.

  • Achieved 99.9995% up time over 12 years. One building experienced a four-hour outage in 2020 when a contractor dug into the fiber optic line after failing to follow the locate.

  • Low operating and maintenance costs.

Contact: George Baldwin, manager, Litchfield electric utility,, 320-296-1114

Hopkins, Minnesota

Private Municipal Fiber Optic Network

Hopkins used multiple technologies and services to provide city services. It was not reliable, and the technologies did not work well together. Together Moorhead’s team, along with Bolton & Menk,  designed and built a private fiber-optic network connecting key City buildings and departments. Like in Litchfield, the work greatly improved City operations. 

Hopkins has experienced zero downtime since the network opened in 2015, and proprietary elements in the network design ensure easy utility locates. The City of Hopkins now enjoys the flexibility and capabilities of the infrastructure accommodating everything from SCADA links to Voice over Internet Protocol phone service and high-speed data. Hopkins is now expanding its network.

Contact: Alex Hepp, information officer, City of Hopkins,, 952-548-6305

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