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A Better Way for Communities

 Community Demand

Is Growing

Ending internet problems.


Provide the infrastructure essential to community growth.

When planned, designed, engineered, built and operated as critical infrastructure, it ensures service for decades.

A Better Way

1 Fiber Optics  

4 Critical Infrastructure 

3 Municipal Partnership

2 Open Access

Hometown Fiber’s Approach To
Community Owned Broadband

Residents and Business Get

  • A network that deliveries world class broadband.

  • Multiple ISP's to choose from at every home or business.

  • Amazingly fast speed. Almost unlimited.

  • Affordable service.

  • Reliable service that works—all the time.

  • Remote learning, work and health care.

  • Easy upgrades—no disruption. No tearing up streets again.

Community Get

  • Local control. Project aligns with community priorities, goals.

  • Keep money in the community. 

  • Financing options, including recurring revenue for the community.

  • Secure utilities. Connect and improve essential city operations.

  • One-time investment for each phase. No expensive upgrades.

  • Professional network operation.

Funding Sources

Reduce the community’s financial risk as much as possible.
Public financing experts to model financial plans and track grants
that can help pay for the work. 
The community continues to receive recurring revenue.

Local Control

Communities say they can’t get the service they need.
Communities can take control so businesses and residents get
reliable, affordable, high-speed internet service they deserve.
Digital inclusion for all set by community standards.


Secure Utilities

Broadband is often top-of-mind, but fiber optics solve other community challenges, too. The network directly connects all critical utilities and buildings as needed. This makes the system more secure and improves overall operation.

Community Investment

The fiber optic network gives the community
reliable, affordable, super fast service well in to the future.

The network is critical infrastructure and is as important as water, 
electricity, roads and typical cost less to build than other infrastructure.
The network pays for itself.

World-Class Broadband starts here

Leading Communities to Equity.  Inclusion.  Choice.

Hometown Fiber is your partner who fulfils every aspect of the planning, design, construction and operation of a directly connected fiber optic network.


We look forward to hearing from you, please contact us for a 
No Obligation informational meeting and start taking control of your community's internet future.

To learn more about Hometown Fiber and a critical infrastructure approach in network planning, design and operation that will serve communities well into the future.

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