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Providing Communities

A Better Way

to Achieve World Class Broadband

Who We Are

Hometown Fiber is a Fiber Optic Infrastructure Development Company

Specializing in the Planning, Design, Construction and Operation of Fiber Optic Broadband Networks

Transforming Communities into the Next Generation Broadband 


What We Do

Provide a better way to get  fiber optics into communities and serving them well into the future.

Collaborate with local governments to plan, facilitate the deployment of a fiber optic internet network.

Empower community leaders with the guidance, information and choice necessary to make the best decisions towards their broadband goals.

Consult, plan, design, build and operate fiber optic networks.

Who We Can Help

Hometown Fiber works with municipal leaders to bring community owned fiber optics into your community and connecting all it’s residents and businesses.

Municipal operations - Private Fiber Networks for SCADA, Smart City, Smart Community technologies, fire, police and other critical services through secure fiber optic connections.

Municipalities that just need some help navigating the world of broadband, fiber optic networks and planning for the future.

How Can We Help

Provide the guidance and information to

Make Confident and Informed Decisions

Lead and direct communities in the
Planning and Development of Community Internet

Partner and collaborate with communities to
Achieve the Broadband Infrastructure Essential to Community Growth

Hometown Fiber can help communities like yours navigate the world of broadband,
fiber optic networks and planning for the future.

Professional Services in

Broadband Planning

Tailored to your community's needs.

  • Community Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Data Consolidation

  • GIS Data Collection

  • Grants and Funding

  • High Level Design 

  • Engineering

  • Map Verifications

  • Infrastructure Assessment

  • Community Engagement

  • Broadband Surveys

  • ISP Interaction/Negotiations

  • Construction Management

  • Network Operations


Data collection and consolidation can be a powerful tool for decision makers.

There is a lot of broadband information and many versions of maps available to communities today. The challenge is they contain different data, use different definitions and sometimes don’t seem to align with the community’s day-to-day reality. Hometown Fiber will make sense of the confusing information so it can be used to inform the multi-million dollar decisions.

The information from various sources is organized and presented in one easy-to-understand interactive tool. We gather and organize available GIS maps and other data from federal, state, county, city and other sources. The relevant data is integrated into one GIS map with multiple layers. 

Our in-field process achieves independently verified assets and up to date information. Once we have concluded the field work, our team review the data collected and score each serviceable location in categories of DSL, Cable, Fiber.

If you do not know what exists, how can you make good decisions about future projects?








Empowering Communities

Hometown Fiber can help with any challenges and get you on the right path to achieve your broadband goals and priorities.

​We invite you to an informational meeting where we will discuss how your community can take control of its internet future.

Leading Communities to World-Class Broadband

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